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    May 15, 2013
    10:00 - 10:31pm PDT  

her two s been capture tonight, a man who may be connected to the stabbing of a san jose young and her two grandchildren has been captured. she and one of the children died, the other is in the hospital. and tonight, their uncle is in custody. police went door to door in the san jose neighborhood looking for him. >> that is where we find kristin aires. kurtis stenderup >> he is being detained by the san francisco police and the u.s. marshal service. it's too early for me to make that determination. that's still being investigated. >> all residents are being let back into their homes? >>ventually, yes. >> can you take any further about a history of mental illness or run-ins with the law? >> i am not at liberty to discuss that status. all i
could tell you is that he was known to police, our sheriff's office, and the san jose police. he had had contacts with us in the past. >> can you confirm any reports that he was not taking medication? >> i cannot confirm that. >> mentally ill? >> at this time, i'm not at liberty to talk about the mental health status of mr. ramirez. ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ ♪ >> i cannot say that, i don't know. >> you said earlier he has mental illness? >> i'm not saying that. >> was the older female victim, was that his wife? >> they were family members. they were related. >> can you identify either of the people in this case? >> no, that will be -- that's required by the coroner. the coroner has to release the name
of the decedents. >> can you state from the top what you can tell us tonight? >> again, we had put out that there was a person of interest. we are currently investigating a double homicide, a 48-year-old woman, and a 1-year-old boy. there's also a 3-year-old girl at the local hospital with multiple stab wounds. we believe the two decedents that were found in the home by another family member were also some type of edge-weapon was used to commit that homicide. we had put out earlier that a person of interest who is another family member by the name of ruben ramirez has been located in the city of san francisco by the u.s. marshals service and the san francisco pd. >> how was he arrested? >> he's been being detained. and we have no indications that he resisted. >> do you know when the stabbings took place? >> we believe they occurred
before 3:30 in the afternoon. >> we received a call about 3:30 in the afternoon. >> when was the arrest? >> about 45 minutes ago. >> can you describe the scene in the house? >> no. >> general appearance ? >> no. >> was hoe -- was he cooperative? >> he have not heard from the u.s. marshal service directly, but he gave us no indication he resisted. >> where in the city was he arrested? >> we don't have that information at this point. >> did you hear anything at all from any witnesses or family members, any warning signs or red flags? >> the detectives are working on it now. it's too preliminary to make those statements. we're doing interviews. >> was the public in danger at
any time? >> i can't answer that. >> any others? >> again, i would like to thank the team. >> a triple stabbing in san jose, two people are dead. kristen is live there right now. what have you learned today? >> reporter: that's right. we were just listen ing in on that press conference, hearing from the under sheriff here in santa clara county. and hearing that the person of interest in this grizzly triple stabbing is now in custody. ruben ramirez was arrested about 45 minutes ago in san francisco and is now in custody. authorities are not giving us much more information than that. they're also not calling him a suspect at this
point. they're also saying though they're looking for no one else in this triple stabbing, and there is a young girl still clinging to life tonight. re on them. it happened around seven this evening.. in frof reet. >> gunshot wounds after a teenager allegedly opened fire on them. it happened around 7:00 this evening. a pair of older kids approached a group of preteens and pulled a pistol. one boy was hit in the foot, the other in the shoulder. both are expected to be okay. no word on who motivated the shooting. also in the news tonight after three days of searching for 9-year-old mckayla lynch, her parent's worst nightmare comes true. this morning, crews found the body of the san francisco girl who was autistic in cash creek not far from her family's vacation home in clear lake. she disappeared on th say it
appears mckayla, who had the mental capacity of a 1-year-old simply wandered into the creek on her own. >> it's very sad. sometimes this is how it ends up. >> stories like hers are not all that uncommon. according to the national autism association nrecent years, 91 -- in recent year, 91% of autistic children found dead after wandering from home had drowned. a judge has ordered the 12-year-old brother of layla now ler to remain in -- fowler to remain in custody. he has been charged in the stabbing death of his young sister. he is scheduled in court on may 29th. police have arrested the owner of a santa cruz party bus company connected to the death of a 25-year-old woman last
year. john reno st. james owns party bus of santa cruz. he is charged involuntary manslaughter after the woman fell out of his bus. two workers are dead tonight after a cambodian shoe factory began crumbling around them. it comes just two weeks after the bangladesh factory collapsed that killed 1,000 workers. it has prompted several major retailers to join forces to increase safety standards. juliet goodrich tells us not everyone is on board with this! including one major chain based right here in the bay area. >> reporter: ken, there is a midnight deadline fast-approaching for this global pack. walmart and bay area based gap have not signed the
pack for many reasons, mainly legal liability. and tonight shoppers are weighing in. >> reporter: it's pictures like this that have should shoppers at bay area malls thinking twice about what they buy and who is making it. shoppers have taken note of what retailers have sign the a global factory safety pact and who haven't. >> do you know off the top of your head which ones have signed on and haven't? >> i do, but i wouldn't name them on television. >> but you know? you're aware of them >> yes, i am. >> reporter: we will release the list. who's in? mostly european retail er ers like h&m. the only americans ones? calvin klein, tommy hifl and ooh, -- -- izod brands. who isn't in? many major retailers. gap, which contracts with 78 factories in bangladesh says it will sign if there is a
change in the way disputes are resolved. walmart says it will conduct its own inspections of its 279 factories it uses in bangladesh. the national retail federation criticizes the pact for having a 1-size-fits-all approach. but some shoppers aren't buying it. >> we live in a country so fortunate that we take care of ourselves. we want us to be so fortunate here to look after someone else as well. >> you have to look after the health and safety of your workies. that's primary -- workers. that's primary. >> reporter: why the reluctance? some of the companies are saying they are already putting time and money into safety provisions. they're already doing that. but critics say they should all share the blame and sign this global pact. i should also mention that the walt disney company has pulled operations all together. they are no longer working in bangladesh. president obama says
americans have a right to be angry about a major irs scandal. today he announced he has fired the agency's acting chief. the inspector general's report found poor management allowed irs agents to single out tea party groups who applied for a tax exempt status. now acting commissioner steven miller is out of a job. >> i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any a but especially in the irs. >>he fbi is looking for possible criminal wrongdoing and three congressional committees are pressing ahead with their own investigations. move over apple. google is coming through . the mountain view tech giant's stock topped $900 a share today for the first time in its history. that's way up from a year ago. and based on what weaw today, google is aiming even higher. at the developers' conference in san francisco today, executives unveiled a streaming music
service called "all-access" which will compete with spotify and pandora. it's available now. a company also released a redesigned google plus along with flashy new photo and search features. perhaps the biggest highlight? a rare appearance by the ceo, larry page, who sounded hoarse. >> i wish to be building great things that don't exist. >> didn't talk very well, but techies will have to wait longer to find out more about the much-anticipated google glass. the financial times reports the taiwanese manufacturer will make the first run of google glass in the south bay. real estate in the bay area is booming. a surge in home prices shows people are willing to shell out more to snag the house they want. for the first time in five year, median home prices in the bay area stopped
$500,000. new and existing homes hit $510,000. tight supplies mean fewer homes are being sold. people in solano county may have noticed the smoke from a grass fire this evening. the fire was fueled by strong winlds in the -- winds in the area. it burned about 5 acres. from wind to a chance of showers? what! rain? paul is here with a look ahead to tomorrow. >> there is rain in the forecast. not on the radar right now. many of you have not seen a drop of rain for the entire month, which is not terribly uncommon. oakland, san jose, and san francisco all coming up 0 for may 1st. but that will change tomorrow.
the pacific northwest will fire a system of low pressure in our area. we'll talk about how much and how long. if you haven't changed your powerball ticket yet, don't bother. you didn't win. neither did anyone else ! [ laughter ] >> nobody won theot. jkp >> but in case you're curious, the numbers were 2, 11, 26, 34, and 41. powerball was 32. the good news though , the next jackpot will be worth at least $475 million! if you win, you're buying dinner. >> yeah! and tornadoes in tex texas leave dozens of people injured. the funnel cloud caught on tape. >> and they were originally supposed to help pregnant women. find out how frogs are threatening species around the world. >> and how solar flares could
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small texas town. this was in millsap, about 40 miles wes fort worth. it was one of
a tornado hitting a small texas town. this was about 40 miles west of fort worth, one of at least two tornadoes to touchdown in texas tonight. to the south of that, another tornado slammed granberry texas, destroying homes. storms rangedm golf ball size to sal size! a wildfire is racing through the national forest in southern california tonight. at least 2,500 acres of dry brush and trees and burned. it started where kern and northern los angeles counties meet. crews are fighting it from the ground and air. a certain type of frog first imported to the united states to help pregnant women is now threatening other species. >> reporter:hi is the
dreaded african clod frog. the so-called killer frog carries a deadly disease. >> this disease is driving hundreds of species to instinkz. >> reporter: -- instinkz >> this fungus is causing more devastation in vert braits than any another -- vertebrates than any other disease in history. >> reporter: when ingested with human female urine, it could show if a woman was pregnant. the frog test was used until the '70s. >> they just got rid of them. many people felt bad , they didn't want to kill them. so they just let them go outside. we have a wild population right here in golden gate park. >> reporter: lilly pond is off
limits. researchers ha collected the frogs for study. the california academy of sciences has a huge collection of specimens with hundreds of african frogs kept under lock and key. doctor david blackbern says the history will help understand how to treat the future. >> there is some thought about these being a vector for spreading disease. but it's hard to know what happened in the past. without evidence of the past, you don't know. >> reporter: both scientists are still researching why the deadly fungus doesn't kill the killer frogs. >> we need to understand why this is happening in amphibians in case it happens in humans. we had another beautiful day today, a little cooler but major changes coming tomorrow. >> big changes. for the first time all month long, we get some showers moving n. some of you will have showers on your way to
work tomorrow. first a beautiful evening shot. the original cant leaver bridge. oakland 58, san francisco 54, and santa rose a59 degrees -- rosa, 59 degrees. tell be a different case tomorrow morning, and also tomorrow evening. alameda is our microclimate stop tonight. there will be a few showers, especially tomorrow morning. high of 65. sunshine will return by friday afternoon with a high of 68. we trend cooler tomorrow. this is a very novemberish map behind me. it's all about low pressure off the northwest coastline. feeding in air that's juicy and unstable enough to give all of us some showers tomorrow.
nothing widespread. not one spot i expect to get more than 0.10 an inch of rain. and we will have some of those showers tomorrow. high pressure does return by friday afternoon, moves in. and sunshine on saturday and sunday. we'll be breezy tonight, tomorrow, stay cloudy throughout the day tomorrow with widely scattered showers. sunshine returns by friday evening. these are your highs tomorrow. concord, 70. showers likely for pleasant hill and walnut creek. showers likely for mill valley and alameda. extended forecast, sunshine back by friday afternoon, and the weekend looks great with highs in the mid-80s by sunday and staying above normal all through next week. ,,,,,,
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eruptions in the past 24 hos -- affecting earth's satelle systems. scientists say it the sun has unleashed four major eruptions in the past 24 hours affecting earth's satellite systems. it's the most intense solar activity of the year, and we'll likely see more of it in the coming days. nasa says the flares' radiation could affect two of their space craft but pose no danger to us. the county down to labor
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toronto fans probably felt better after their struggl the giants gave up 10 runs for the second game in a row. two costly errors in the 1st inning. scutaro did not squeeze the popup.
and pagan missed something that cost them 2 runs. the jays beat up on the giants 11-3. coco off his dl today, but the a's mustered only 2 runs against the -- rangers. the sharks got rocky torres midseason because he's a tough guy, but this hit has him in trouble. he flew to new york today to meet with the nhl. we'll probably find out tomorrow if he will be suspended. chicago led in the 4th, but dwyane wade with a putt back, done. memphis wins, they're headed to the western conference finals for the first time in franchise history. warriors, game 6, they have to win to stay
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